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headshot of faculty Alexy Marfin
MS Fiction and Entertainment Faculty, Visual Studies

Alexey Marfin is a film director, with a professional background in visual effects and an academic background in architecture from the Architectural Association. He is interested in speculative fiction at the intersection of contemporary digital culture and new social interactions. He explores cinematic storytelling as a process of world-design: using fictional worlds as a lens with which to look at our own present-day realities.

Alexey’s films have screened worldwide – at the Academy-Award-Qualifying L.A. Shorts Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Busan Film Festival, and many more. He has been featured in VICE, NOWNESS, Time Out, and other press. Alexey has taught and lectured internationally – including Tsinghua University, City University of Hong Kong, and the Royal College of Art. He now teaches the MS in Fiction and Entertainment at SCI-Arc with Liam Young, as well as running his own Visual Studies course.