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Design Studio, Liberal Arts

Natou Fall is a Senegalese-American interdisciplinary visual artist and creative director working across sculpture, film, makeup artistry, and design. Her practice embraces notions of multiplicity, and glamour to embolden radical self acceptance, and challenge classical notions of beauty rooted in whiteness and heteronormativity.

Trained as an architect, Fall’s developed procedural techniques of layering, casting, assemblage, and digital techniques of collage, and illustration. Her material palette includes plaster, silicone, cosmetic products, molded and printed plastics, fabric, high density foam, and various papers and paints.

After receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design from the George Washington University, she went on to receive a Master’s in Architecture from SCI-Arc. In September of 2019 she received the Frank and Bertha Gehry Prize for her graduate thesis installation Shaping Face.

Fall has been commissioned by brands like Sonos and Ami Colé, and worked on productions for performing artists Janelle Monae, and D’Smoke. She is currently design studio faculty at SCI-Arc, and working on projects in Los Angeles.