Our faculty is primarily comprised of practicing architects, which gives students a window into the lives of architects, as well as opportunities to pursue professional internships and employment outside the school.

Prefinal Studentlife 12
Tom Wiscombe Faculty Portraits 051 S
Tom Wiscombe
Undergraduate Program Chair
Jake Mata Faculty Portraits 123 S
Jake Matatyaou
Liberal Arts Coordinator, Design Studio
Darin Johnstone Faculty Portraits 066 S
Darin Johnstone
Design Studio
Mira Henry Faculty Portraits 476 S
Mira Henry
DID Coordinator, Design Studio, Visual Studies
Marcelyn Gow Faculty Portraits 023 S
Marcelyn Gow
M.S. Design Theory and Pedagogy Coordinator
Jackilin Bloom Faculty Portraits 255 S
Jackilin Hah Bloom
Design Studio, Visual Studies
Faculty Portraits 759 S
Herwig Baumgartner
Applied Studies Coordinator, Design Studio
Faculty Portraits 721 S
Rachael McCall
Design Studies, Visual Studies
Eric Owen Moss
Eric Owen Moss
Distinguished Faculty, Design Studio, History+Theory
Marrikka Trotter
Marrikka Trotter
History + Theory Coordinator
Melissa Lo
Melissa Lo
Liberal Arts
Erik Ghenoiu
Erik Ghenoiu
Research Coordinator, Learning Assessment Coordinator, History + Theory
Faculty Portraits 809 S
Kavior Moon
Liberal Arts
Faculty Portraits 847 S

Graham Harmon

Graham Harman
Liberal Arts
Faculty Portraits 781 S
Adam Lawrence
Liberal Arts
Faculty Portraits 676 S
David Eskenazi
Design Studio, Visual Studies
Thom Mayne Faculty Portraits 488 S
Thom Mayne
Visiting Faculty, Design Studio
Peter Trummer Faculty Portraits 760
Peter Trummer
Visiting Faculty, Design Studio, History+Theory
Liam Young Faculty Portraits 800 S

Liam Young

Liam Young
M.S. Fiction and Entertainment Coordinator
Russell Thompson Faculty Portraits 178 S
Russell Thomsen
Design Studio, History+Theory
Peter Testa Faculty Portraits 641 S

Peter Testa

Peter Testa
Design Studio, Applied Studies, History+Theory, Visual Studies
Maxi Spina Faculty Portraits 429 Select
Maxi Spina
Design Studio, Applied Studies
Michael Rotondi Faculty Portraits 772 S
Michael Rotondi
Distinguished Faculty, Design Studio, Applied Studies, History+Theory, Visual Studies
Alexis Rochas Faculty Portraits 165 S
Alexis Rochas
Making+Meaning Coordinator, Design Studio, Applied Studies
Casey Rehm Faculty Portraits 148 S
M. Casey Rehm
Design Studio, Applied Studies, Visual Studies
Dwayne Oyler Faculty Portraits 695 S
Dwayne Oyler
Design Studio, Applied Studies, Visual Studies
Anna N Faculty Portraits 534 S
Anna Neimark
Design Studio, Visual Studies
Matt Melynk Faculty Portraits 271 S
Matthew Melnyk
Applied Studies
Claire Phillips
Claire Phillips
Liberal Arts
Betty Kassis Faculty Portraits 504 S
Betty Kassis
Youth Outreach Coordinator, Design Studio
Margaret Griffin Faculty Portraits 457 S
Margaret Griffin
Design Studio
David Freeland Faculty Portraits 071 S
David Freeland
Design Studio, Visual Studies
Ramiro Dg Faculty Portraits 415 S
Ramiro Diaz-Granados
Applied Studies, Design Studio, Visual Studies
Ben Bratton Faculty Portraits 358 S
Benjamin H. Bratton
Visiting Faculty, History+Theory, Liberal Arts
John Bohn Faculty Portraits 036 S
John Bohn
Design Studio, Applied Studies
Marcelo Spina Faculty Portraits 395 Select
Marcelo Spina
M.S. Architectural Technologies Coordinator
Devyn Weiser Faculty Portraits 208 S
Devyn Weiser
Visual Studies Coordinator, Gateway Portfolio Coordinator, Design Studio, Visual Studies
Pavel G Faculty Portraits 241 S
Pavel Getov
Applied Studies
Jenny Wu Faculty Portraits 707 S
Jenny Wu
Design Studio, Visual Studies
Faculty Portraits 671 S
Michael Stock
Liberal Arts
Scott Uriu
Applied Studies
Wolf Prix
Special Visiting Advisor, Undergraduate Thesis