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Our faculty is primarily comprised of practicing architects, which gives students a window into the lives of architects, as well as opportunities to pursue professional internships and employment outside the school.

Jackilin Bloom David Freeland and student pin up
Tom Wiscombe Faculty Portraits
Tom Wiscombe
Undergraduate Program Chair
Darin Johnstone positive grey background
Darin Johnstone
Design Studio
Mira Henry
Design Studio, Visual Studies
Marcelyn Gow Faculty Portraits
Marcelyn Gow
MS Design Theory and Pedagogy Coordinator
Jackilin Bloom Faculty Portraits
Jackilin Hah Bloom
Design Studio, Visual Studies
Herwig Baumgartner portrait grey background
Herwig Baumgartner
Applied Studies Coordinator, Design Studio
rachel mccall headshot grey background
Rachael McCall
Design Studies, Visual Studies
smiling eric owen moss
Eric Owen Moss
Distinguished Faculty, Design Studio, History+Theory
Marrikka Trotter faculty portrait
Marrikka Trotter
History + Theory Coordinator
Melissa Lo faculty portraits
Melissa Lo
Liberal Arts
erik ghenoiu headshot
Erik Ghenoiu
Research Coordinator, Learning Assessment Coordinator, History + Theory
kavior moon portrait grey background
Kavior Moon
Liberal Arts
graham harman portrait grey background

Graham Harman

Graham Harman
Liberal Arts Coordinator
adam lawrence portrait grey background
Adam Lawrence
Liberal Arts
david eskanazi portrait grey background
David Eskenazi
Design Studio, Visual Studies
thom mayne headshot
Thom Mayne
Distinguished Faculty, MS Design of Cities Coordinator, Design Studio
Peter Trummer Faculty Portraits
Peter Trummer
Visiting Faculty, Design Studio, History+Theory
liam young portrait

Liam Young

Liam Young
MS Fiction and Entertainment Coordinator
Russell Thompson Faculty Portraits
Russell Thomsen
Design Studio, History+Theory
Peter Testa Faculty Portraits

Peter Testa

Peter Testa
Design Studio, Applied Studies, History+Theory, Visual Studies
Maxi Spina Faculty Portraits
Maxi Spina
Undergraduate Thesis Coordinator, Design Studio, Applied Studies
Michael Rotondi Faculty Portrait
Michael Rotondi
Distinguished Faculty, Design Studio, Applied Studies, History+Theory, Visual Studies
alexis rochas portrait grey background
Alexis Rochas
Design Studio, Applied Studies
casey rehm looking down
M. Casey Rehm
MS Architectural Technologies Coordinator, Design Studio, Visual Studies
dwayne oyler portrait
Dwayne Oyler
Design Studio, Applied Studies, Visual Studies
anna neimark portrait grey background
Anna Neimark
Design Studio, Visual Studies
Matt Melnyk portrait
Matthew Melnyk
Applied Studies
claire phillips profile headshot
Claire Phillips
Liberal Arts
betty kassis portrait grey background
Betty Kassis
Youth Outreach Coordinator, Design Studio
Margaret Griffin Faculty Portraits
Margaret Griffin
Design Studio
david freeland portrait
David Freeland
Design Studio, Visual Studies
ramiro diaz granados faculty potrait
Ramiro Diaz-Granados
Applied Studies, Design Studio, Visual Studies
ben bratton portrait grey background
Benjamin H. Bratton
Visiting Faculty, History+Theory, Liberal Arts
john bohn faculty portrait
John Bohn
Design Studio, Applied Studies
marcelo spina faculty portrait
Marcelo Spina
Design Studio
devyn weiser headshot
Devyn Weiser
Visual Studies Coordinator, Gateway Portfolio Coordinator, Design Studio, Visual Studies
Pavel Getov Faculty Portrait
Pavel Getov
Applied Studies
Jenny Wu Faculty Portraits
Jenny Wu
Design Studio, Visual Studies
Michael Stock portrait grey background
Michael Stock
Liberal Arts
Kordae Henry headshot
Kordae Henry
Visual Studies
Wolf Prix
Special Visiting Advisor, Undergraduate Thesis
Timothy Morton
MS Synthetic Landscapes, Liberal Arts
Leah Wulfman
Design Studio