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Students pursuing graduate studies in architecture can select between SCI-Arc’s professional programs and specialized postgraduate degrees.

Professional programs allow graduates to pursue architectural licensure in the United States. The postgraduate degrees are designed to encourage specialization and independent research, ideal for students who are interested in venturing beyond the traditional model of the architect as building practitioner.

Professional Degree Programs

SCI-Arc offers two Master of Architecture (M.Arch) programs.

M.Arch 1

The M.Arch 1 program is open to students who hold a bachelor’s degree that does not meet the M.Arch 2 eligibility criteria. The M.Arch 1 program stresses excellence in design and provides students with a solid intellectual base of knowledge of the discipline, history, theory, technology, and professional practice of architecture.

M.Arch 2

The M.Arch 2 program is open to students who hold a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, or a Bachelor of Architecture degree. The M.Arch 2 program is specifically designed for students who are looking to focus their architectural education on contemporary tools, techniques, and technologies and to expand their experience in digital design, fabrication, and critical thinking.

Postgraduate Degrees

SCI-Arc offers five distinct Master of Science (MS) degrees open to students who hold an undergraduate and/or graduate degree. Each degree targets an area of study that constitutes an important frontier for architectural investigation.

Master of Science in Architectural Technologies

The MS in Architectural Technologies program provides hands-on experience in the realms of robotic fabrication, computational methods of form generation, additive manufacturing, and machine vision.

Master of Science in Design Theory and Pedagogy

The MS in Design Theory and Pedagogy program is designed for students to experiment with new forms of architectural scholarship and receive hands-on teaching experience in the remarkable studio culture of SCI-Arc

Master of Science in Design of Cities

The MS in Design of Cities program takes a highly experimental approach to questions of urban design and encourages students to develop new conceptions of “the city” and its possibilities, in an attempt to clarify the future of urbanized life.

Master of Science in Fiction and Entertainment

The MS in Fiction and Entertainment program develops provocative narratives about the alternative realities of the twenty-first century in the worlds of film, fiction, animation, marketing, games, and documentary filmmaking to build new forms of architectural practice.

Master of Science in Synthetic Landscapes

The Master of Science in Synthetic Landscapes is a one-year, three-semester program focused on advancing knowledge and developing expertise in the design of complex landscapes for the twenty-first century.