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Transfer students at SCI-Arc come from a variety of educational backgrounds, including colleges and universities, as well as community and city colleges. Their fields of study range from liberal arts programs with no experience in architecture to one or more years of architectural design experience.

First-Year Placement Transfer

Students who have completed general, non-architecture courses at other two- or four-year colleges will be placed in the first year of the Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) program. These include students who have completed associate degrees (AA or AS) in disciplines other than architecture.

Advanced Placement Transfer

Advanced placement for transfer students from other architecture programs into SCI-Arc's B.Arch program is not guaranteed, but is determined on a case-by-case basis on a review of the applicant’s portfolio of architectural and creative work, the number of architectural design studios completed, and academic standing. Students who begin their studies in the B.Arch program with advanced placement (1B studio placement or higher) may be required to complete additional prerequisite seminars at SCI-Arc before advancing to the next studio level.

Transferring General Education Credits

SCI-Arc is known for its innovative and cutting-edge approach to education. As such, it is uncommon to find direct alignment of our design studios with those at other colleges.

The SCI-Arc undergraduate curriculum contains 45 units of general education. We encourage prospective students to review the curriculum and read the general education (GS) course descriptions. All transfer courses are subject to review and approval. To review a course for transfer credit we require a B or better grade in the course, a course syllabus, and samples of coursework.

SCI-Arc has articulation agreements with several colleges. If your school is not listed in the SCI-Arc Articulation Agreements document, please use the SCI-Arc Course Equivalents Matrix as a reference.

We strive to accept as much transfer credit as is possible with the understanding that it is in the student’s best interest to complete their studies without additional delays or expense. General education courses are therefore not guaranteed to transfer. Students looking to transfer general education courses to SCI-Arc should review the SCI-Arc Course Equivalent Matrix.