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At SCI-Arc we believe that every student deserves to belong. Explore ways to promote greater inclusion, access, and belonging for our communities. Engaging our myriad organizations can foster meaningful connections that extend beyond graduation, enriching a student’s overall educational experience.

Heading titleWhat our Students are Saying

"Only at SCI-Arc can you find this unique fusion of creativity and a supportive community. This is where your architectural dreams take flight."

"It's not just about individual creativity. It's about a community that inspires, supports, and challenges you."

Heading titleFor Students, Led by Students

SCI-Arc's Student Union (STUN) administers student activities and supports the student community at SCI-Arc. It helps to fund student-built work, student exhibitions, and student publications, as well as purchasing supplemental tools for departments such as the Shop and computer resources, and sponsoring competitions and special projects. Each year during the spring term, the student body holds elections for their class representatives. One student representative sits as a full member of the SCI-Arc Board of Trustees for a two-year term. Three student representatives sit on the Academic Council, which allows the student body a formal arena for voicing their concerns to the Directors, faculty, and staff in attendance.

SCI-Arc's partnership with SoCal NOMA (National Organization of Minority Architects) extends to a SCI-Arc NOMAS (NOMA Students) chapter to help improve the profession by promoting access, equity, and inclusion in architecture.

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is an independent, nonprofit, student-run organization dedicated to providing unmatched progressive programs, information, and resources on issues critical to architecture and the experience of education.

The Peer Mentorship program fosters connectivity within the SCI-Arc student community. Student Peer Mentors are knowledgeable guides and advocates who support and encourage success for new students at SCI-Arc.

Other student-led Social Clubs such as the Chess Club and Basketball Club are also available on campus.

Heading titlePrioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Affinity Groups are groups for students, faculty, and staff with a shared interest or background to convene for mutual support, understanding, special events, and a sense of belonging. While they focus on celebrating a specific community or interest, they are open to everyone. Current groups include but are not limited to: Black/African American, Hispanic/Latine, Persian, Japanese, Asian and Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA+, and veteran communities.

Read the school’s full Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report.

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Heading titleCommitted to the Community of Los Angeles

We are committed to the idea that design can influence and transform the world. Students’ skills are welcomed within many different opportunities in Community Engagement. Students have the opportunity to engage community leaders to develop and propose innovative design solutions that support contemporary social issues which affect city residents, such as housing scarcity and homelessness. From paid student positions to volunteering through STUN, these varying means of community engagement are a great way to learn more about the surrounding community and the intersection of architecture and social responsibility through a SCI-Arc education.

Visit the Community Engagement webpage for more information on how to get involved.

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