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SCI-Arc is where architects become mad scientists. It is where art, science, and industry converge and new futures unfold. At SCI-Arc we forecast the migrations of culture. We stare down complex technologies and command them to do our bidding. We are agile and street smart. Where others drown in the complex flows of urban life, we thrive and choreograph its movements. We are prophets of beauty, broadcasters of ideas, and tellers of stories. We are builders, leaders, and dreamers.

Since it first opened in 1972, SCI-Arc has been relentlessly expanding and raising its ambitions. Now is not the time to ease off the gas pedal and relax. Rather, now is the time to accelerate. The scope of what SCI-Arc represents and offers to the world should keep multiplying. In our globalized era, design matters like never before, and we have the capacity to astonish the world by showing it all the different ways in which design can transform it.

SCI-Arc is an institute and not a university—that is one of our many unique strengths. We are not constrained by stubborn bureaucracy, and we are not preservationists of traditional forms of knowledge. We move rapidly into new territories, and we can be both inside and outside of the world. We entangle ourselves in complex ways, and we write our own rules of engagement and research.

The ethical questions of architecture are poignant for an institute so dedicated to innovation. It isn’t hyperbole to posit that the very existence of architecture as a profession and as a way of thinking and knowing is at stake. Architecture needs its own heroes, but more importantly the world needs architects to take on that position and to conjure images of what the future might become. We experiment and keep taking risks to remake the real.

Architecture is an act of optimism. We look forward to your contributions to this collective, evolving form of knowledge that is SCI-Arc.

—Hernán Díaz Alonso, SCI-Arc Director/CEO