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SCI-Arc Satellite Initiatives serve as sites of experimentation, bringing together minds from around the world for unique symposia, diverse exhibitions, and workshops that challenge design methods against the backdrop of cities outside of the context of Los Angeles.

These cultural hubs produce programming for current students, prospective students, and the local community alike, catalyzing innovation on a global scale.

The engagement of local institutions and designers alongside SCI-Arc faculty provide SCI-Arc students and local creatives the opportunity to expand their practice and test the limits of their innovation together in a true exchange of ideas and resources. SCI-Arc currently has initiatives in Bogotá, Mexico City, and Shanghai.

Sciarc building street elevation
Sciarc building street elevation
  • SCI-Arc Bogotá

    SCI-Arc Bogotá tests experimental design methods against the backdrop of Bogotá, Colombia.

    View more info about SCI-Arc Bogotá

  • SCI-Arc Mexico City

    SCI-Arc Mexico City pairs SCI-Arc’s renowned innovation with the vibrancy of Mexico City.

    View more info about SCI-Arc Mexico City

  • SCI-Arc China

    SCI-Arc China focuses on expanding 3D, VR technologies, and Interactive Robotics as a platform for design exchange.

    View more info about SCI-Arc China

  • SCI-Arc Mumbai

    SCI-Arc Mumbai is a platform for discussion and collaboration on the cutting-edge of design.

    View more info about SCI-Arc Mumbai