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SCI-Arc’s digital fabrication lab is a state-of-the-art environment for emulation, simulation, and animation, where computational geometry, material agency, and fabrication logistics merge.

Four thousand square feet in area and two stories high, SCI-Arc’s Magic Box digital fabrication lab connects to the school’s existing Robot House and Analog Fabrication Shop to form the RAD Center (an acronym for robotics, analog, and digital). Together, they form one of the largest and most advanced fabrication facilities at an architecture school.

The Magic Box houses 3D scanners and ABS printers, as well as powder printers, and clear plastic and paper 3D printers. The lab also features several new laser-cutters and CNC machines. The second floor area provides ample work space for students. Students can build, vacuum form, or 3D print their models in our fabrication facilities using a wide array of materials, from wax to translucents, plastic, flexible materials, and metal.

The Magic Box is supported through generous commitments from trustees Abby Sher and Scott Hughes (M.Arch ’97), who endorsed the project with lead gifts. Grants from The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation and The Ahmanson Foundation also provided critical support for the project.