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Within its quarter-mile-long campus, SCI-Arc offers students an integrated suite of resources that support academic progress and experimentation.

  • Magic Box

    SCI-Arc’s technologically transformative digital fabrication lab expands the school’s experimental approach to design.

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  • Robot House

    The SCI-Arc Robot House is a platform for experimentation and speculation on the future of architecture, situated conceptually and physically between studio and shop, academy and industry.

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  • Fabrication Shop

    SCI-Arc’s six-thousand-square-foot fabrication shop is equipped with a wide array of metal and woodworking machinery and tools, supporting hands-on experimentation with materials and construction.

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  • Store

    The SCI-Arc Art and Architecture Supply Store serves both the student body and the downtown community, offering competitive prices for architecture and art supplies.

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  • Print Center

    The SCI-Arc Print Center serves both the SCI-Arc student body and the local community, offering competitive prices for full service printing needs.

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  • SCI-Arc Galleries

    SCI-Arc is the only cultural institution in Los Angeles committed to exhibiting experimental projects by contemporary architects.

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  • Kappe Library

    The Kappe Library is the largest academic library in Southern California focused on architecture, and welcomes both students and outside architectural researchers.

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