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The SCI-Arc Robot House is a platform for experimentation and speculation on the future of architecture.

Situated conceptually and physically between studio and shop, academy and industry, the double-height, one-thousand-square-foot Robot House is a reconfigurable 3D space for work and research with a wide range of applications, including hands-on collaboration and on-site construction.

There are two main spaces. In the Robot Room, five large Stäubli robots are configured in a multi-robot work cell. Their layout empowers investigation with the widest possible range of interaction and process sequences in a simulation and programming environment. The adjacent Robotics and Simulation Lab houses the Stäubli TX40 laboratory robot, and is where students and instructors conduct hands-on research. The robots enable explorations outside of traditional digital production, for instance additive freeform fabrication with advanced composite materials.

The SCI-Arc Robot House is made possible through generous grants from Stäubli, The Fletcher Jones Foundation, and the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation.