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The History + Theory curriculum at SCI-Arc provides a rigorous immersion into the history, theory, and criticism of architecture in order to equip students with the skills necessary to become leaders in the production of architectural discourse in a global context.

Marrikka Trotter faculty portrait

“History and theory at SCI-Arc is a laboratory for emerging architectural discourse. We actively seek fresh definitions and values for architectural history while relentlessly interrogating our shared disciplinary futures.”

- Marrikka Trotter, History + Theory Coordinator

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The History + Theory curriculum conceives of design innovation and conceptual intellection as intimately intertwined and equally subject to formal manipulation. In other words, at SCI-Arc, we do not merely theorize of criticize design, we design the discourse. This stance obliges us to remain attentive to conventional modes of inquiry as we open up other rhetorical avenues along which to advance nascent disciplinary trajectories

Marrikka Trotter guest with thesis models

History + Theory Coordinator, Mira Henry (left)

Heading titleSpeculatively reimagining architectures past and future

History + Theory at SCI-Arc is a dynamic field of critical inquiry. Students learn to engage deeply with emerging history and theory as evolving and creative fields rather than fixed canons. The goal is to productively challenge existing notions of architecture’s disciplinary capacities, both past and future. Core lecture courses emphasize the manifold and shifting narratives from which architectural thought is shaped, while equipping students with the expert reasoning and rhetorical skills needed to engage in the discourse themselves. Elective seminars at SCI-Arc are collaborative incubators for new architectural ideas, during which each student is asked to participate in the risky work of rigorous research and inventive projection.