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Academic Services

Lisa Russo

Registrar/International Advisor

Jennifer Huh

Director of Advising

Sophia Yoo

Academic Advisor

Andrea Young

Academic Affairs Coordinator/Analyst

Teady Ochoa

Academic Programs Coordinator

Nicole Moreno

Administrative Assistant - Director’s Office


Hernán Díaz Alonso

SCI-Arc - Hernán Díaz Alonso

SCI-Arc Director/CEO

John Enright

SCI-Arc - John Enright

Vice Director/Chief Academic Officer

Kristy Balliet

SCI-Arc - Kristy Balliet

Undergraduate Programs Chair, Design Studio, Liberal Arts

Marcelyn Gow

SCI-Arc - Marcelyn Gow

Undergraduate Programs Chair, Design Studio, History + Theory

Elena Manferdini

SCI-Arc - Elena Manferdini

Graduate Programs Chair

David Ruy

SCI-Arc - David Ruy

Postgraduate Programs Chair, MS Synthetic Landscapes Coordinator

Paul Holliday

Chief Administrative Officer


Angel Montes

Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Bernice Cheng

Senior Admissions Counselor

Elvin Grajales

Admissions Counselor

David Tolman

Admissions Counselor

Susana Castagna Martinez

Admissions CRM Administrator


Williana Song

Development Operations Manager

Sarah Yanni

Development Projects Coordinator


Stephanie Atlan

Communications Director

Marija Radisavljevic

Art Director

Sally Glass

Managing Editor

Peter Sebeckis

Digital Marketing Manager

Jacob Witt

Graphic Designer

Yasil Navarro

Public Programs Coordinator

Equity and Inclusion

Zahida Sherman

Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Jonathan Chan

Community Engagement Coordinator

Fabrication Shop

Rodney Rojas

Shop Manager

Ona Gleichman

Analog Fabrication Specialist (FT)

Evan Sisk

Analog Fabrication Specialist (FT)

Ava Shields

Analog Fabrication Specialist (PT)

Sam Rubio

Digital Fabrication Specialist (FT)

Robert Hemlich

Digital Fabrication Specialist (FT)

Ross Doyle

Digital Fabrication Specialist (PT)


Emil Tatevosian

Facilities Director

Reginald Benson

Security Manager

David Morales

Facilities Building Specialist

Isabella Jimenez


Nakhul Kisan

Robotic Technician (PT)

Financial Services

Sue Gosney

Chief Financial Officer

Yung Chih Chi


Marisela De La Torre

Financial Aid Manager

Cynthia Dizon

Accounting Manager

Rosemary Mosquera

Payroll & Benefits Manager

Becky Cuenco

AP/AR Coordinator

Brin Rhee

Staff Accountant I / Financial Aid Generalist

Brandon (Keith) Campbell

Payroll Specialist

Anita Shirke

Staff Accountant I

Human Resources

Liliana Clough

HR Director

Nicole Satalino

Human Resources Generalist

Information Technology

Vic Jabrassian

Chief Information Officer

Zuma Arechiga

Database Administrator

Peter Kekich

Technical Infrastructure Manager

Martin Palacios

Level 1 IT Technician

Steven Orizaga

Institutional Research Analyst

Wesley Plete

Junior Systems Administrator


Kevin McMahon

Library Manager

Stefanie Crump


Media Department/SCI-Arc Channel

Reza Monahan

SCI-Arc Channel Co-Executive Producer/Director & Director of Media

William Virgil

SCI-Arc - William Virgil

Making+Meaning Coordinator, Creative Director SCI-Arc Channel, Design Studio, Visual Studies

Phil Logan

A/V Manager

Michael Rice

A/V Technician


Joshua De Vera

Environmental, Health, and Safety Coordinator

Robot House

Curime Batliner

Robot House Support & Research

Sponsored Research

Erik Ghenoiu

Coordinator of Sponsored Research & Learning Assessment

Namik Mačkić

SCI-Arc - Namik Mačkić

Research Program Manager, History + Theory

Masha Hupalo

SCI-Arc - Masha Hupalo

Senior Research Associate, Design Studio, History + Theory

Student Services

Tea Bogue

Student Services Specialist

Danielle Jaquez

Career Services Advisor

Supply Store and Print Center

Frank Cerna

Retail Services Manager

Kiyo Stilson

Print Center Lead Operator

Avelardo Ibarra

Supply Store / Print Center Sales Assistant

Ava Lightwood

Store / Print Center Sales Assistant (PT)