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black and white man microphone
February 26, 2021

SCI-Arc Channel Releases Special Collection of Films for Black History Month

building lax blue sky plane
February 25, 2021

Honoring Pioneering Black Architects that Shaped the Built Landscape of Los Angeles

February 23, 2021

Black Lives Matter Week of Action Deepened Disciplinary Dialogue with Community

little white houses book cover
February 11, 2021

Kappe Library Reading List Embraces Visions of Black Utopia, Rebellion, and Building Communities

Craig Hodgetts and Ming Fung headshots
February 09, 2021

SCI-Arc Announces Fung and Hodgetts Scholarship for Underrepresented Groups

Digital Rendering of high-rise skyscraper apartment buildings integrated into trees and nature. Still from Planet City, designed and directed by Liam Young, VFX supervisor Alexey Marfin
February 03, 2021

The Getty Foundation Awards SCI-Arc Research Grant for Pacific Standard Time

January 27, 2021

Vertical Studio Presentations for Spring 2021 Consider Historical Craft, Untidiness, and War

Charite Carballo headshot
January 25, 2021

Charite Carballo on Worldbuilding and Architecture’s Potential for Self-Actualization

January 19, 2021

SCI-Arc Faculty Awarded Google Grant for AI Housing Research

spring public programs headshot grid
January 13, 2021

SCI-Arc Announces Spring 2021 Public Lectures and Exhibitions

January 07, 2021

M+M Coordinator William Virgil on Teaching and the Unpredictability of Objects

December 23, 2020

SCI-Arc Announces Scholarship and Program Partnership with SoCalNOMA

December 22, 2020

Making+Meaning Alum Matthew Pak on Curiosity and Constructing Atmosphere

jeremy kamal headshot
December 18, 2020

Alum Jeremy Kamal Talks Cultural Narratives and Sound-Informed Ecology

December 10, 2020

SCI-Arc Channel Gains Inside Look at LA Exhibition 'Every. Thing. Changes.'

December 04, 2020

Kappe Library December Reading List Highlights Imago Mundi, Indigenous Cultures

December 03, 2020

SCI-Arc Hosts Design, Housing Research Workshop with Students in Somaliland

a queer query in pink bedsheets
November 25, 2020

A Queer Query Presents Live Performative Forum on Queerness and Architecture

architecture render outside trees
November 24, 2020

Students Win Fentress Architects' 2020 Airport of the Future Global Challenge

Kordae Henry headshot
November 20, 2020

New Faculty Kordae Henry on Language, Lineage, and the Transmedia Imaginary